Versa - Sling Bag - BR Limited

Regular price ₱1,850.00

Same VERSA Sling Bag. 
New colorway & upgraded fabric.
The Black Red Edition.

The VERSA Sling Bag is the lightest way to carry your dance essentials.
What makes this limited version different is in the little details:

  • Red Maroon YKK Zipper Chain - best of the best in zipper chain material in a very limited colorway
  • Ballistic Red Maroon Interior - same interior, with slightly tougher durability, and also in a very limited colorway
  • 1200D Cordura Exterior Fabric - the highest grade Cordura available, best in functionality and durability 

We still crammed as much functionality as we could think of, while keeping it simple and minimal.

Here’s our attempt at naming all the features we tried to pack:

  • Separate your shirts (Mesh Shirt Compartment)
  • Separate your gadgets (Closed Zip Compartment)
  • Switch the shoulder strap to your comfortable side (Hooks on both ends)
  • Mesh padding on the back and the strap
  • Keep your shirts ventilated (Eyelet Zip Compartment at base of bag)
  • Red Interior to make finding your gadgets easier on the eyes :)
  • Two Way Zipped Front Pocket (so if you wear the VERSA on your left or right shoulder, you can swing it around to EITHER side for easy access)
  • Two Way YKK Zippers along bag for easy access on ALL sides
  • Reverse YKK Zipper Chain design that looks really cool
  • Durable 1200D Cordura Fabric :)


Here’s the BIG one:

  • REMOVABLE shirt & gadget compartments that turn into SEPARATE BAGS!
  • Each compartment has its own handle for easy carry
  • Two Way Zippers on each bag for easy access too
  • Each compartment bag is velcroed in, for secure function
  • There are velcro covers so that if you’d like to use the VERSA without the interior compartment bags, you can :)
  • Basically, the VERSA is a 3 in 1 sling bag. Pack your essentials. And if you need more room, keep it versatile and separate the packs :)

 Yep, it’s a lot. :)