Alpha - Backpack - Grey

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The Dancer's Backpack.

The Alpha is Creative Athlete's signature gear bag. 

Built with design and function in mind, this backpack houses everything you'll ever need.  Laptops. Training clothes. Shoes. Snacks. Gadgets. The Alpha takes care of all the important stuff your in dance life so you don't have to.

In fact, the only thing left for you to do is... just dance. :)

Our disclaimer: It won't make you feel as happy as you do when the music takes over... but it does come pretty close!



  • 3 Main Compartments
  • Custom Internal Straps
  • Thermal Side Compartment
  • Ventilated Side Compartment
  • Quick Stash Compartment
  • Reflector Straps
  • Extra Outside Pocket
  • Mesh Padding on Straps and Back
  • Centered Handle
  • Ventilated and Expandable Shoe Compartment
  • Lockable Zippers