What are your payment methods?

At the moment we accept two forms of payments:

1. Paypal - If you have a Paypal account, you're good to go! You can browse, shop, and when you're ready, enter your account details during checkout :)

2. Bank Deposit - Fairly simple process if you prefer manual payments. Once you check out your cart, clicking this option will prompt bank details where you can send your payment! :)


The item is out of stock. Can I pre-order?

While there is no way to pre-order on the site itself, you can reach us on facebook messenger or DM us on instagram to let us know!

Here's a quick link to messenger:

Here's a link to our instagram account:

Once you're in, shoot us a message with your name and the item you want to pre-order and we'll jot you down on our reserved list!


How much capacity can the ALPHA dance backpack hold?

It often depends on what kind of items you put in it, but in terms of capacity, the bag is safe to hold up to 20kg. :)


How much is shipping and how long will it take to receive my items? Can I track my items?

The standard rate for shipping within Metro Manila is 100php. For provincial areas, it is 180php. The official time it takes to receive your item is between 1-7 business days. In most cases, items arrive between 2-3 business days. :) 

And yes, you can definitely track your items! In fact, once you confirm your payment with us and your order is underway, we'll message you your tracking number so you'll know where your item is currently. :)



How do I contact Creative Athlete for any questions unanswered here?

Three ways!

1. You can reach out to us on facebook messenger:  

2. You can DM us through our instagram account:

3. You can email us at thecreativeathlete@gmail.com



I'm a dancer!  How do I get Creative Athlete to sponsor me or my event?

Unfortunately, we're not currently offering any individual sponsorships right now. However, if you would like Creative Athlete to be a part of your event, feel free to send us a private message on facebook with your plans and proposal!